There is a place in Mississippi called  "Yazoo City".  Several different writers spelled this name in various ways.  Here's a list.

                      Hiazus - Rafinesque (1828)

                     Jason - French, Hist. Coll. La (1824)

                     Yasons - Baudry des Lozieres (1802)

                     Yasoos - Rafinesque, op cit.

                     Yasou - La Metaire (1682)

                     Yasoux - Penicaut (1700)

                     Yassa - Coxe, Carolina, map, (1741)

                     Yasus - Hervas (1784)

                     Yazous - Vater (1816)

                     Yazoux - Dumont (1753)

                     Yaso - Romans, Florida, map (1753)

    James Adair refers to this town in Mississippi as Yashoo and Yahshoo in his book  "Adair's History of the American Indians" pages 317, 364.

     I remember various scholars putting forth the Messiah's name as Yesu and Yeshu.  Perhaps these scholars have never ventured to contemplate the concept of eternal truth.  In other words, the original is the one and only.  James Adair also wrote, "When the Indians meet at night to gladden and unite their hearts before YOHEWAH, they sing Yohewa-shoo Yohewa-shoo, Yohewahshee, Yohewashee, and Yohewahshai Yohewahshai, with much energy.  The first word is nearly in Hebrew characters, , the name of Joshua, or saviour, Numb. xiii. 8. ...  In like manner they sing Meshi Yo, Meshi Yo, Meshi He, Meshi He, Meshi Wah Meshi Wah; likewise, Meshi Hah Yo, &c.; and Meshi Wah Hah Meshi Wah He, transposing and accenting each syllable of the divine name, Yo He Wah." Adair's History of the American Indians p. 120

     You have to admit that these Indians are at least a lot closer to the Messiah's original name than the whole Christian community!

    The Saviours original name can be determined by considering the whole of Scripture. In Exodus 17:9 margin KJV, it shows that Joshua is called Jesus in Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8.  The New Age Bible versions have fixed Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8, but they did not restore the Messiah's Hebrew name.  After all it is the same Greek word for both, but the masses are already using Jesus so why confuse everyone with the facts?

    But the problem is that both Joshua and Jesus are both   "under heaven", so which name was Peter referring to in Acts 4:12?  "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."  If you answered neither then you are correct.  For  Joshua is also called Jehoshua in Numbers 13:16.  Where we at least see the concept of the Father's name being involved, which most know as Jehovah.  But Jehovah is not the Fathers name, because it is not the original, but is man made.  The Messiah said, "I am come in My Fathers name." John 5:43.

    Jah (as in Hallelujah, meaning Praise ye YAH, see Psalm 68:4 is the short form of the great sacred name  ,  (YHWH), an extended form is seen in Elijah's name.  In the margin of the King James Version of I Kings 17:1, we see the form Elijahu, meaning, "my El is YAHUWAH".  Remember the Saviour cried out "Eli Eli" (Matt. 27:46)?  The point being made that the Messiah was the  "Son to continue His Fathers name forever." Psalm 72:17 margin.  His name was YAHUSHUA instead of Jehoshua, the  "name which is above every name." Philippians 2:9.  The original name must be that only name  "under heaven" which is above every name, for you cannot have two names above every name.  Which will it be? YAHUSHUA or Jesus?  The one given from heaven to Yoseph and Miriam, or the one given by mens hands through culture and time?