When l was making the plans to cover a little spot in the road called YAVA with our little booklet Testimony from the Amenican Indians, I also decided to pass out to pass out to folks a Bible with the names Yahvah and Yahshua. So l sent off to the Assembly of Yahvah in Emory Texas and ordered a case of their Restoration of the Original Sacred Name Bibles, which was a New Testament King James Version.

   After leaving Joshua Tree California, we headed to Yava to pass them out. Sure enough it was just a spot in the road But we did manage to pass out about 20 to 25 of 25 Yahvah Bibles together with our little Indian booklet. I am in agreement with the Assemblies of Yahvah on this point. That is, the way in which they derive the name Yahvah. if you've never seen one of their Bibles, feel free to order through us, I only charge $5.00, that’s what l paid for them.

   In there you will read how they derive the name Yahvah. They quote many sources showing that “havah” (0riginaily hawah) is the OLD FORM of "hayah", and this is common knowledge among scholars. The name was explained to Moses "AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH" (Exodus 3:14), meaning, self-existing, the origin of all life. I have borrowed this same concept in putting forth the original sacred name as YAHUWAH. All other sacred names never attempt to prove it in this manner, such as Yahuah, Yahueh and Yahweh etc.. Thus, they cannot be the true original names. It must be proven from the law (Ex.3:14) and the testimony (Revelation 1:4 margin).

   The Indian word “Yava” means “sun”. The logical conclusion of course why the Indians called the sun Yava is do to thinking the sun was the deity. Probably some sun worshipper tricked others into thinking this, (probably some Catholic priest), Thus the Yavapai Indians make prayer to the sun now because of these things The sun is the light of the world, which enables us to see about us. The sun is a symbol of YAHUSHUA, who said "I am the light of the world." John 8:12 Our mission out there was to try and correct these errors (as if the sun could save anyone) and help the folks see that they should stop worshipping the symbols and worship the real light YAHUWAH and YAHUSHUA.