The Yahshoots



      While working in Alabama last winter I did a little research at the library.  I found a book about the American Indians, and found a tribe of Indians called “Yahshoots”, which cause to get excited about research and finding out more about them.

     “Chemetunne (people on the ocean coast).  A Tututunne village or group of villages formerly at the mouth of Rogue river, Oregon.  The people were taken to Siletz reservation, Oregon in June 1856.  A few individuals are still to be found on that reservation, where they are officially known as Joshuas, a corruption of Ya’shu their Alsea name; and a few others still live near their old home.”  Hand Book of American Indians  (tunne means people)

      It’s interesting to see the various spellings that history left for this tribe.  Check them out.

 Iacu-we tene  --Everette, MS Tutu vocab, B.A.E. 1883 (trans people by mossy swamp)

 Joshua Newcomb in Indian Affairs Report., 162 1861

 Joshuts – Palmer in Indian Affairs Report 1856, 219 1857

 Joshuta – Taylor in Cal. Farmer, Mar. 22, 1861

  Yacu – Dorsey, Alsea MS. Vocab., B.A.E. 1884 (pron. Ya-shu, Alsea name, the term from which “Joshua” is derived).

  Ya’cumetunne – Dorsey, Chetco MS. Vocab., B.A.E. 1884 (Chetco name).

  Yahshoots – Gibbs, Ms on coast tribes Oregon, B.A.E. 1856

  Yahshutes – Ind. Aff. Rep. 1854, 496, 1855

  Yashue – Abbott, Ms. Coquille census, B.A.E. 1856

  Yasuchah – Pres. Mess. Ex. Doc. 39, 32nd Cong., 1st Sess., 2, 1852

  Yasuchaha – Domenech, Deserts N. Am., I map, 1860

  Yasuchan – Schoolcraft, Ind. Tribes, III maps, 96, 200, 1853

  Yasut – Schumacher in Bull. G. and G. Surv., III, 31, 1877

  Yoshuway – Everette, MS. Tutu vocab., B.A.E. 1883

    As you can imagine I’m already plotting how I can get my  “Joshua” flyer tailor made to pass out door to door so that folks living in the area where the Joshua Tribe lived may get and understand the Saviour’s original name YAHUSHUA which they can research with their own Bible when they dust it off and look up the texts and understand their Saviour’s name is related to the name Joshua.  Maybe they will become the Sacred Name Tribe.  There is a Feast coming up this Spring in Oregon and very close to where I need to go, and everyone is keeping the Feast in the same month this coming year, I think.

    So we solicit your help to speed the swift messenger on the Indian Sabbath Trail.