World War I


    Many are the attempts of the papacy and/or the Catholic church to regain her supremacy, as in the Dark Ages, to regain control of the world.

   In order to regain this supremacy Rome uses different organizations to accomplish this.  All secret societies report to the Jesuits, who in turn report to the pope.   Many Catholic scholars were Jewish in blood, an example of this is Adam Weishaupt  born a Jew and converted to Catholicism and became a Jesuit.  He is sometimes considered an ex-jesuit, only because in 1773 Jesuits had to secularize themselves, thus Weishaupt and friends recovered under a new name.  Weishaupt turned to Witchcraft, where he became an expert, and founded the Illuminati May 1, 1776.  A movement to preserve and promote the ancient Black Arts of Babylon and Druid Witchcraft.  Its goals are to destroy religions against Lucifer and world governments, and unite them under one world government  whose visible ruler is the Pope.  The power of the Illuminati or Communists is money, and they use the money to gain control in the Religious, Political, Economical, Educational, Medical, Military, and Social areas that deal with society in order to help Rome regain her supremacy.

   The  "internationalist bankers set up a secret meeting at Jekyll Island Georgia, to make plans to get control of America's Banking System by establishing a central bank. . . . It was stressed during this secret meeting that in order to get Congress to accept this Cental Bank Scheme, the name 'Central Bank' must be avoided at all cost.  Out of the Jekyll Island meeting came the Aldrich Bill.  But, the centralization of the American Banks never passed through Congress.  However, these conspirators just fell back and regrouped again and renamed the Central Bank Conspiracy 'The Federal Reserve Act', to make it sound more like a U.S. Government run agency.  And, to see to it that it would pass through Congress this time they (the Illuminati) landed their very first president in office.  His name was Woodrow Wilson.

   "When Wilson tried to get this Central Bank called 'The Federal Reserve System' to pass through Congress, he chose Rep. Carter Glass to propose this Federal Reserve Act instead of Aldrich.  And in December while Congress desired to adjourn for Christmas, the Federal Reserve Act was passed by a vote of 298 to 60 in the House and the Senate by a majority."  The Illuminati 666 p. 236, 237

   Des Griffin in his book The Fourth Reich of the Rich shows where the money came from that was needed for the Russian revolution.  It was President Woodrow Wilson who provided Leon Trotsky with a passport to return to Russia to carry forward the revolution.

   The Trilateral Commission is an offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Council on Foreign Relations is the political side of the Illuminati, which is an offshoot of Jesuitry, an offshoot of the Roman Catholic church.

   "The first attempt in the 20th century to unite the whole world into a One World Luciferian slave unit was tried in history by these super-rich conspirators at the close of World War I.  President Woodrow Wilson on January 8th, 1918 laid out a 14 point plan to Congress for lasting peace.  Within this package of world peace was neatly hidden a plan for these conspirators to get all nations of the world to give up their sovereignty.  It was labeled as  'The League of Nations'.

   "These modern money changers used World War I to make tons of money and as a tool to frighten the war-torn people of the world at that time into believing if all the governments of the world would unite into a One World Government, this would stop all wars between nations, and would achieve world peace and security.  However, President Wilson was dumbfounded when he was unable to obtain the two-thirds vote in the US Senate required for ratification of a treaty, and the United States Never joined the League of Nations.

   "This caught these Conspirators completely off guard because surely, they thought the United States would fall for this sham, for it was the President of the United States who was promoting it." The Illuminati 666 p. 241, 242 by Roy Allan Anderson

   Evidently Americans were still somewhat awake to Rome's seductive plans at that time, and believed in the principle of being  "separate" or  "set apart", thus the League of Nations idea did not go through so well.  Therefore, plans began to be laid for another World War that would be bloody enough for Americans to cry "peace", anything but war to the extent they might join a league of nation.

   The diabolical scheme to bring about a One World Religion and a One World Government shall be perpetrated through the medium of the United Nations sham.  One of the main  goals in the One World Luciferian Government Conspiracy is to take the weapons away from the citizens of the world so they will have no problem exterminating those will not bow to their god and refuse to go along with the National Sunday Law.  This is to be done by conditioning the gullible world into accepting the phony peace plan which is to set up the United Nations as the policemen of the world.  Through this medium Rome can regain control of the world.

   The Jesuits boast: "Our Father General as all know governs Rome itself and the popedom; we make war at our pleasure betwixt one Prince and another and his subjects, usurp dominion over cities and countries, fearing no discovery of our actions since our commerce is chiefly with Great men, we know every public secret, and can in a singular way dispatch heretics and enemies to the Roman court." Fiery Jesuits

   Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm were both approached by the pope to become the military arm of the pope, they were responsible for the first World War.

   The prophet John was carried away in the spirit and was shown the great controversy that was raging between truth and error, between Messiah and Satan; he was taken behind the scenes to see the underlying goals and plans going on in every day life that so few seem to know about.  That behind the scenes, Satan is seeking to arrange affairs in the future so that he will be worshipped, and his system is the Roman Catholic system and all her allies or daughters called Babylon

   Yes, the Scriptures are still true, that  "in her (the Catholic church) was found the blood of prophets, and of saints and of  all that were slain upon the earth." Revelation 18:24.  World War I, was only another example of that.