The Trip Out West 


Los Lunas, New Mexico

     Tom Nelson and I shared the same vision of heading out to Joshua Tree California for the big project, we worked all winter planting trees in Georgia to be able to pull this off.  After tree planting I spent a couple of weeks trying to get the bus ready for the trip.  Tinting the windows was a must.  We put screens on the windows, and I made some bunks to be able to put up some folks in case they could make the trip out west with us, but I needed them anyway for the children.

    Tom Nelson was the only volunteer that headed west with me.  Tom financed most of the trip putting the fuel on his credit card.  He donated $500.00 to help make the trip possible (bless his heart) and I owe him back $400.00.  Both of us will be trying to work our way out of our financial hole this summer from making this trip.

   On our way out west we took I 40 through Oklahoma, we stopped at a Cherokee Trading Post along the way to see what all they had etc..  I gave the store manager one of my booklets Testimony from the American Indians, he thumbed through it and found it very interesting, and thanked me for it.  All the Cherokee Trading Posts, Cherokee museums etc. now carry James Adair's History of the American Indians, it has been retitled Cherokee Beliefs & Practices of the Ancients - Out of the Flame, because YAHUWAH our Elohim is a consuming fire.  Thanks to Prentice and Willena Robinson of Cherokee Language & Culture out of Tulsa, this tremendous book is back on the market and made available to the public.  There is quite a few of these Cherokee Trading posts along the Interstates of Oklahoma.  

   Our first stop was Los Lunas New Mexico, where the Ten Commandment stone is written in ancient Hebrew.  Tom and I passed out 300 of the little booklets Testimony from the American Indians there at Los Lunas.  400 was all I could afford to have printed up. The 300 we passed out was not even close to being able to cover Los Lunas.  Some of the folks we talked to were very interested in knowing about this stone with the Ten Commandments on it.  I told them I hadn't seen it yet, but plan to in the morning, and told them that they could get directions  from the Chamber of Commerce.  The folks were excited about it and said they would go out and try to see it too, and thanked me for the booklet.

   Most every one there did not know about this stone, so we were trying to make the town aware of it.  In the morning we headed out to find it. We did find it, it is there and we took pictures, etc..  Right beside the commandments was inscribed the Aleph and Tau.  I have a documentary study on the rock and other features on the same mountain that was published in the magazine Ancient American feel free to write  or call and ask for a copy and we'll send it to you.

    We covered all of 29 Palms and Joshua Tree which took about 6,000.  Then we started working on Yucca Valley, we only covered about 1/3 of the city, and we had to stop.  We all had blisters from the heat and from walking so much, but my feet were the worse.  I had blisters (I mean big bubbles of water) on every toe, not to mention the foot itself.  My feet were fast becoming one big blister and it was very painful walking.  But I tried my best to be cheerful when I met the folks.  Also time had run out, Tom had to get back to Arkansas, his boss was biting the bit for him to get back.  Plus we were running out of food and money fast. 

Next Stop - The Grand Canyon   

     Back in 1996 the family and I attended the Feast of Tabernacles at Jericho Springs Missouri, where brother Paul and sister Lynn Routhe told us about the Karens of Burma used a form of the sacred name  "Yuah" as recorded by William Spicer in his book Miracles of Modern Missions.  They also told me about Four Corners where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet, where the tour guide mentioned the Indians using some form of a sacred name.  The Routhe's explained that they couldn't remember exactly what it was, but it started with a "y" and ended with a  "va".  I learned that the Hopi Indians have a word which describes from whence life first began and this word is "yayva".  The Hopi Indians are a very mystical tribe, somewhat gnostic.  I have an article from Ancient American that argues their Hebrew connection, proving their ways were similar to the Hebrews and their Baal worship etc., the Kabala connection etc..  Feel free to write and ask for the article and I'll send it to you.  I don't have a burden to send it out in a newsletter.

    In one book I discovered at the Grand Canyon showed that the Hopi  referred to the Sun God as the Creator by the name  "Taiowa", other books refer to the Sun Spirit as Tawa.  The Pueblo also call the creator god Tawa.  It is a combination of "Tau" + , called the MARK or Cross and is a symbol of the sun with the sacred name, Tau or Ta blended with Yahwah or Iowa producing Taiowa or Tawa.  Through out the Scriptures YAHUWAH is called the Aleph and Tau (for example Aleph and Tau is sprinkled throughout Genesis chapter one in the  Hebrew Scriptures but is not translated.  The Hebrew Aleph and Tau  are the first and last letters of the alphabet, "Thus saith YAHUWAH the King of Israel, and His redeemer YAHUWAH of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside Me there is no Elohim." Isaiah 44:6.  The Greeks related it as Alpha and Omega as in Revelation 1:8.

    Also I learned from this same book,  Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters that "Yahoya" is the deity of Bear Clan at Shongopovi, I thought that was interesting.

    We spent Sabbath May the 5th and half the next day at the Grand Canyon, it was nice to see YAHUWAH's great work in the earth.  As a crowd of people gathered around looking at the Canyon, I pretended I was the tour guide and asked if they knew what they were looking at?  Then I explained to everyone that YAHUWAH Elohim of Israel was angry with the human race because the whole world was filled with violence and tyrants would take things away from people (sort of like what the IRS does now, history repeats).  The strong would prey on the weak etc..

    Because of mans wickedness he sent a great flood upon the earth.  I told them that Noah was told to make an ark of gopher wood, and he warned them it was going to rain for the first time and become a flood, but because the renowned theologians of the day all told the people that it would never rain, the people believed them instead of Noah.  Then it rained for forty days and forty nights, "and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered. . . and the mountains were covered." Gen 7:19, 20.  What you are looking at was made by the flood.  The people knew I was right, so they didn't argue with me.  It rocked the boat of some, I'm sure, who just like the people who perished in the flood would rather trust in the theologians instead of YAHUWAH's messengers, who don't like believing in the plain words of Scripture.  All day long I was trying to talk with folks and explain to them this canyon was made by the flood.

    The Scriptures says "the waters assuaged", "the waters were in going and returning Gen 8:1, 3 margin.  One guy explained to me that the Grand Canyon was a low spot that received the rushing waters not only from the Rockies but also the California mountains as the Grand Canyon was between both of them.

    As a matter of fact it seems that almost everything out west is a witness to the flood period.  The petrified forest, lots of petrified logs near Holbrook Arizona.  The meteor crater, and the lava beds etc. all seem to tell the story of a violent period when the earth was destroyed.  No wander Satan even feared for his own life, it was so catastrophic.