On our way to the Tabernacle Feast of John Vanderburgs in Terra Bella, CA, we stopped in at Los Lumas on Friday night. We spent the night in front of the gate that leads to the Ten commandment stone. In the morning a lady came out of the gate in her van. She worked for the Indians that owned the land. She said I could hike out to it. That would be OK.

So we got up Sabbath morning and first went to the Spanish Los Lumas Seventh-day Adventist church. There I gave out a few pieces of literature about the rock with the Ten Commandments. They informed me that there was also an English-speaking Adventist church just down the road. So we headed off to go there in time for the sermon. After the sermon (which was  pretty good actually). I got to talking to one of the elders about the Ten commandment rock just outside of their city. He found it very interesting. I told him we were going out to see it that afternoon and invited him to join us. to make the story short, I made a 4x4 ply board sign with the Lost Lumas stone ingraved with a router, and painted in letters of purple, kinda unique looking (Indianish), which I brought with me and gave it to the church to use in helping their community learn more about this rock, and also to help the community to actually love and keep the Ten Commandments. Basically, I gave this 4x4 ply board to them to use as a witnessing tool. to help folks love and keep the Sabbath.




So several families saw this board sitting in the foyer and inquired about it. Soon word got around that we were going to visit it that afternoon. A couple of families were looking for it just the week before but couldn't find it. So here we were the next week inviting them to come find it,  I knew right where it was. Tom Nelson and I found it on our trip out west in May of 2001. We were like a "God sent" to them. So after fellowship lunch we headed out to see it. We took pictures of the members of the Los Lumas SDA church next to it.

We all enjoyed the afternoon hike very much. I gave everyone a Los Lumas Ten Commandment T-shirt when we got back to the vehicles along with literature about it. I made copies of the article from Ancient American magazine , issue #9. The members were very gracious and went to the expense of providing a supper for us. We also made some real friends.






Bethanie Allen


Beth Allen



Little Beniamin

Brian Allen



We found this also on top of the mountain: YHWH or YAHUWAH in modern Hebrew and Yeshua dated Purim 5992 A.D. probably done by a Messianic Jewish individual, probably done about 1988


Our family, Brian, Beth, little Beniamin and Bethanie enjoyed the East at John Vanderberg's very much. I could talk a lot about it. We got fed spiritually. The people in California enjoy deep studies, I've noticed. So I gave everyone a copy of my book, "Publish the Name of Yahuwah". Everyone was open-minded and received it gladly. Praise Yahuwah!

From there we visited the giant red Sequoia Trees about a hour away. So-called from the red Tennessee Indian named Sequoyah. Just massive, is all I can say! makes you think how great Yahuwah is.




Alleluia or Halleluyah!

Sequoia or Sequoyah!