The Bat Creek Stone


     The Bat Creek inscription was discovered in Loudon County Tennessee by the Bureau of American Ethnology Mound Survey Project in 1889.

    The Smithsonian published it in 1971 upside down and labeled it Cherokee.

    "The stone then lay virtually forgotten in storage in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., until the 1960's, when a few observers noticed that, if the published photograph is held upside down, several of the letters look much more like Phoenician and related Canaanite scripts than like Cherokee, when held in either orientation.  Joseph B. Mahan sent a photo of the stone to Professor Cyrus Gordon, a Semitic language scholar renowned for his work on Ugaritic a Canaanite language written in Cuneiform.  Gordon was interested in possible pre-Columbian contacts between the Old and New Worlds.

    "After examining the photo, Gordon declared in 1970 that the signs on the Tennessee stone were in fact paleo-Hebrew letters of the first or second centuries A.D.." Biblical  Archaeology Review July/August 1993 (If you would like to receive a copy of the article which goes into more detail verifying its authenticity, just drop me a note and let me know, I would be glad to send it to you.)

                                           What Does it Say?

    One of the words is easily recognized, which is  "Yahud", but it appears that on the extreme left a letter has been broken off, it appears to be an  M, which in ancient Hebrew looked like , the  M on the end usually makes a word plural, as in cheribim, or Elohim (which Bible translators tell us means Gods).  Yahudim means Jews or Judeans plural.

    The  "L" at the beginning of the word  "Yahud" is a Hebrew modifier that means  "to", "for" or "against".  As in the phrase  "Holiness to YAHUWAH" (see the Hebrew in Exodus 28:36).

Therefore the Bat Creek Stone would say something along the line of  "to or for Yahudeans".  The word divider is etched just before the lamed.  The first two letters to the far right are  "resh" and  "qoph".  Strongs Exhaustive Concordance supplies us with a possible meaning to apply here #7535,  "Only for Judeans". 

    The little letter below this phrase appears to be a capital like "waw" which can stand for the number 6.

    The  "approved academics" act like they have been put in place for the very purpose of discrediting newly found writings as fraudulent, writing them off as plow marks or grooves made by the roots of trees, and discourage any further investigation.

A person can't help but wonder if these approved academics graduated from Jesuit universities, who will go to any length to keep people from the Truth.

    No wonder the Indians believe they have just been here for 10,000's of years.  Approved academics actually believe this  "Ice Age" theology.  But they have no light in them, for they speak not according to the law and the testimony (Isaiah 8:20), which tells us there was a flood which destroyed the earth because of mans wickedness, and that the earth was repopulated by Noahs three sons.

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